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Hello everyone,

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas & fantastic New Year. We have always believed it’s our great community that makes us so special and sets us aside from the rest, so we really wanted to wish everyone out there all the joy, peace, great memories and love of the season!

God bless and see you all in 2010!
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Happy birthday for The Shadow!
2nd Birthday of The Shadow
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An incredible photo of a person in 16 century clothing taken at an old castle has been recently uncovered. Three experts in photography have verified the photo to be "real"... Read the full article

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Website has been recently updated with 10 new photos related to Ghost and ITC phenomena. You can check them out in the "Photos" section which now has 806 photos in total.

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HTML clipboardDear, visitor. The Shadow had a recent change in management. The website is now owned by "iNSPIRED Productions" and has been majorly updated. Video and Audio sections have been temporarily closed due to the redesigning and tweaking. All users can now post their own photos in the Photo Gallery (you just need to register). The forums have been also improved and redesigned, so feel free to communicate. With this major update, I also uploaded 10 new ghost photos. We hope that browsing here will be much more preferable. Have a good weakend.HTML clipboard
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I've updated the menu with a new translation section; now you can translate the website in various languages via few clicks. Website search is moved under the menu. Photos and other media will be updated soon.
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I would like you to know that from now you can access The Shadow using this address theshadow2.tk. I hope this address is easier to remember.
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The Shadow staff wishes a Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you that the year 2009 would be the best yet!
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As a present we give you a brand new Audio category! You can now listen to only 3 EVPs but it's going to be updated soon. We hope you're happy. Happy Halloween everyone!

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One day before Halloween I decided to post 8 more ghost photos, exclusively from Boothill Cemetery in Arizona (TombstoneArizona.com). You will be seeing a big update tomorrow. So don't forget to check it out!

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