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The Shadow Movie

Current plans and proceeding

Stage: Development
Started: 2007/11
Finished: N/A
Video Format: HDV 720P-60i DVD, NTSC, DV-PAL (Optional HD 1080-24p YUV)
Planned release time: 2008 Spring (not final)
Planned running time: 45min. - 1.2h
Language: English (main)
Optional language: Lithuanian (subtitles and text)
Subtitles: N/A
Price: The movie and all The Shadow website is non-profit. But if we can't figure out where and how to put the movie in to the internet then it will be on CD's and DVD's.
More questions can be asked under the Contact Us section.


The whole movie will be divided in sections called chapters. <More coming soon>/em>


2008-04-22| Chapter I finished
2008-03-20| Changed software


The Shadow first came under the name "The Millennium" in the April of the 2006. Firstly it was just an idea. 5 months later inspired by a new "Urban Legends" episode we decided to create our own movie. Then again the Millennium name came and we used it. Everything was going fine until the new year, we reached the scarcity of information. Project became barren and team fell apart. I terminated the project and The Millennium became officially dead. But I didn't quit taking interest in paranormal. I collected a particular amount of material and renewed the project. But not The Millennium, in the late September of 2007 The Shadow was created. I decided to work alone because of the reluctance of the team. The material amount was enough to make an approximately 1 hour long documentary. November came and I started to look for a website where I could post news and stuff. With help of a staff member I created this website and managed to post not only news but photos and videos from the internet. In that time I created a trailer to show the people what are they waiting for. So the name was set, the website and the trailer was created, and the material was collected. Everything was going according to plan till the fatal project corruption. The software corrupted my project and the almost hour documentary was totally lost. In that time I was in desperation. We tried to recover the project in many ways but non of them worked. The project I was working on a half a year was lost. The release day was set to 2008/01/01 and I couldn't change that because the people were waiting. I wrote the truth that it's lost and "The Shadow - Secrets of Nibiru" will be created to fill the lost time. But this is not going to come because The Shadow is being recreated. The release date is still not set because I don't know the exact day or month or year for that matter. All I can say, I won't give up on this no matter how many times the project will be corrupted.

Written by VPf2

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