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Articles by VPf2
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For those who are unfamiliar with EVP (and for those who are).
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Thread: What is EVP?
Posted by: velosip
Articles from magazines and newspapers
Found something interesting on the newspaper? Post it.
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Thread: Haunted Asylum :: FATE Febru...
Posted by: plitocki
Articles from the internet
You can post anything interesting you found on the internet
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Thread: Last Goodbyes from Beyond
Posted by: stiralkam1

Stories and Myths
Stories from the internet
Found something you don't know if it's real? Post here
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Thread: Vanishing Woman on the Beach
Posted by: VPf2
Interesting myths of paranormal.
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Fake stories
A creator? Your created story can be presented here.
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Website and The Movie
Discuss the newest updates or the movie.
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Web Polls
Discuss the created web polls.
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Talk about anything.
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