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Hello to everyone! This time I updated the UFO History with new pictures from year 2007. You can know see 14 more UFO History Pictures. The whole The Shadow Photo Gallery consists of 710 photos. Regards, VPf2.
UFO History 1870-2008 : Year 2007 Part 1

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Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip so you can expect new updates tomorrow or Friday. Thank you for your interest in paranormal.
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Hello to everyone. I would like to in form you that I'm going on a little vacation so don't expect more updates for ~2-2,5 weeks or so. To compensate the time, I made a new design and posted 21 new photo (past updates). I would like to wish you good summer and say goodbye (for some time). Cheers
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After changing the website design I posted 20 ghost photos and 1 ITC photo by S.Wagner. The total gallery contains of 696 photos! guess the photos are interesting. Polls updated there is a new question about web browsers. P.S. you don't need to register to vote. There are more news but I will break them up tomorrow. Cheers.

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Hello everyone. This week I decided to redesign the website. All minor errors, mistakes and some glitches were removed and the website has a great new design. I really hope you like it. I worked real hard but still, if you see any glitches or errors or even if you have good ideas for some replacements you are welcome to write me anytime (Go to Contact Us section). This is the first phase of the update. More things will be redesigned, including the CSS. Have fun browsing "The Shadow"!

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This Monday I finished posting "UFO History 1870-2008: Year 2006" photos. So you can now see 36 more new pictures. I really hope that these pictures are interesting and year 2007 is coming soon. There will be some ghost photos to fill the time gap. So good luck and enjoy the photos!
UFO History 1870-2008: Year 2006 Part 2
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Just a quick note to let you know that you can vote again. Poll expiry date 2008 July 6th. You can discuss and suggest about the Web Polls in The Shadow Forum.
Web Polls can be found under the menu in the left website area.
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UFO News
We were totally unaware of any unusual objects in the sky and really didn't see anything out of the ordinary. After we went back to our hotel I was just zooming the pictures on the digital camera to see if can see any more detail than was visible. To my surprise, in two of the pictures taken of the entrance, I could see some bright objects in what seems to be some kind of formation. These were the only pictures we took in that area and direction.
I have attached the two pictures taken within a minute of each other. In the first picture, there are 3 objects and in the second one these objects suddenly appear much farther apart. In fact, if you enlarge the second one more you will see brighter objects. There were clouds in the background. In fact, it rained in the area an hour later. I have zoomed some portions of the first picture for the sake of posting here.
On zooming, I could see the shape of the object better. In fact, there appears to be a faint outer shell and a glow in the centre. There is no graphical manipulation of the pictures whatsoever. I believe they are not stars or anything like that. I would like to know more about these unusual bright blobs. Kindly use them in any way you think fit in order to investigate. Let me tell you that I am a keen follower of unusual physical phenomena but I am rational enough to subject my observations to scientific analysis. For all I know it could be an optical illusion as I am no expert on this subject.
Note: Angkor Wat (or Angkor Vat) is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia, built for King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city. As the best-preserved temple at the site, it is the only one to have remained a significant religious centre since its foundation—first Hindu, dedicated to Vishnu, then Buddhist. The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. It has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and it is the country's prime attraction for visitors. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angkor_Wat)
Camera used: Canon Powershot A570, 4x optical zoom, 7.1 mega pixel
Time 1st picture taken: approx 4:30 PM
Time 2nd picture taken: approx 4:31 PM
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A new menu section is coming up and it's no secret. Before I release it to public, I would like you to read a story: Resonance—a key to ITC contacts. For those who are familiar with EVP contacts, I only recommend reading it. *Note: The audio player in the new category will use Windows Media Player 7+ (versions 6.4 not recommended; 7; 8; 9; 10 or 11), so make sure you have one in you computer.
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First I would like to thank you for visiting our site, your interest is very valuable to us. Because of this, I reopened the Forums so you can communicate easier. To post in the forums you will need to register. It is easy and of course free (The Shadow is non-profit, so no need to worry about the money). The Forum icon will be added to the menu shortly. Furthermore a new web poll is created, so don't forget to vote (more information in forums). P.S. The voting period ends on the 1st of June, 2008. Good to see you here!

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