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Articles & Stories » Stories and Myths » Stories from the internet » Vanishing Woman on the Beach (by Baz)
Vanishing Woman on the Beach
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Vanishing Woman on the Beach
by Baz

On just one occasion in my life have I seen something that was too strange, eerie, and impossible to believe. And I saw it with another witness! I was in Adelaide, near Kingston Park, which I think is south of Glenelg Beach, in 1997. I was "touring" in Adelaide with a few mates for a cricket game: Australia vs. South Africa.

We were at a darkly lit beach caravan park late at night, having a few beers, although not that many! We were just relaxing and chatting, watching the waves crash in on this very long stretch of coastline. Then, probably about 11 p.m., up at a very far isolated end of the long stretch of coast, my friend and I observed what appeared to be a woman running along the shoreline, possibly with her feet very close to, or in, the edge of the water. She seemed hundreds of meters away, giving us time to both say, "Is that a woman running along the beach? What the hell is she doing out at this time of night?"

My mate and I were both a bit concerned for her safety, because it was not a safe place for what appeared to be a young woman running along this isolated stretch of beach close to midnight. She was gradually getting closer to us, and we started to be able to detect that she had long, tied-back, flowing black hair, and seemed to have fair skin. Also, she seemed to be in her 20s. She was probably now 500 meters away, and we could see that she seemed to be wearing slightly odd clothes -- like old-fashioned clothes that ladies would have bathed in in the 1920s or something. Light-colored long leggings and sort of a petticoat with only her arms uncovered. Despite this, we still seemed to be both thinking that she was someone doing some late night exercise - however strange, as it was also a coldish night even though it had been very hot during the summer's day.

After we had been watching her and wondering what she was doing for probably about four minutes, she seemed to increase her running speed. My mate and I now clearly knew we were witnessing what appeared to be a human form, a female with dark hair running along the beach. When she was maybe 300 meters from us, the speed started to really pick up. My mate said, "She's really going fast now." And I replied, "Yeah, REALLY fast..." It did not register to either of us at the time - not until later - that as she was now maybe 200 meters from us, she was actually running along TOO fast for a human!

We sort of both sat there, stunned, with our cans of beer in our hands, and both basically exclaimed to each other, "What......!" Okay, worst of all, this is where it got freaky. What I remember seeing is this, all within about three or four seconds: She was getting TOO fast for it to be believable. My friend and I, who had the same thought, we both STOOD UP because we knew something bizarre was happening. As she got to just about 100 meters from our caravan park, she was running so fast she basically became a streaming flash of white across the waterline. She ran so fast that she vanished, virtually "melting" into the air or into the waterline!

My mate said, "Christ! She has jumped into the water!" In shock I said, "What the hell! She's crazy!" So, stunned, both of us leapt off the balcony of our bungalow in the caravan park, and ran down to the sand on the beach (still set back about 70 meters from the water's edge where she disappeared). And essentially, despite both of us seeing this and both of us knowing precisely where she appeared to have vanished, we got down to the water's edge - actually, both a bit apprehensive at this point - and of her fate we can find no trace. No trace at all - no footprints along the water's edge, nothing.

We talked about what we both had just seen, running over the events over and over again, and both had seen virtually precisely the same thing during the whole encounter! We waited and waited and waited, wondering for about half an hour if indeed a woman had dived into the surf to kill herself or something. We even discussed the possibility that she had dived in to the water because she was scared of seeing us nearby. And - nothing!

So we went back to meet a couple of other mates of ours we were staying with, and told them the story of what we had just seen. We went over and over the story - both of us - and it was totally consistent. Our other mates were freaked out because we had both seen something that sounded so accurate, yet also sounded scary. The rest of the night was spent recounting other ghost stories we had heard about, not to mention UFOs and the like, and we actually drank less beer for the rest of the night because we were so adrenalin-charged, yet a bit freaked out by what we had "seen" or maybe more precisely, what we had "perceived".

Later on in the night, we took our other mates down to the waterline and tried to reenact what we had seen, and still for the whole rest of the evening, there was no further sign of the running, vanishing woman. And I kept a look out in all the local media the next day for stories about anyone going missing in the Kingston Park area, but found and heard nothing.

If anyone out there knows of any stories of someone going missing - in 1997 or perhaps at some point in the past - please send a message to this site! I'd be amazed to find out if something like this, perhaps a woman going missing or killing herself in the surf, had happened in this part of Adelaide in the past. I still get freaked thinking about this 11 years later, because I know what I saw. Yet I still struggle to believe it!

Articles & Stories » Stories and Myths » Stories from the internet » Vanishing Woman on the Beach (by Baz)
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