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2008 08 08 4:28PM - Indiana, USA

Description: I took a picture of a black triangular UFO. Since then, I have taken more pictures trying to get another shot of the triangular object if it reappeared. Today (8/18/08) at 4:28 PM, I got a picture of a different UFO in the same general area of the sky (NE approx 60 degrees elevation). I did not see or hear the object... only a photo. Sky conditions were excellent (clear blue sky). At the top center of the photo is a white object. On zoom inspection, there appears to be a disc-like recessed surface with a rim. You can see the shadow and sunlit area typical of a rim feature. Next to the disc are white unknowns. There may be a logical prosaic explanation for the object. I could not identify it, so it's a UFO to me. © www.mufon.com

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