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Lumbering Cemetery Entity

Description: From Marie Saint-Denis
As a freelance photographer, I am always snapping photos which I hope to use for later projects. This photo, taken at a small, forgotten cemetery in southern Indiana, was just supposed to be a simple, semi-emotive photograph of a cold November sky stretched out beyond a lovely monument, which seemed to be forgotten by any living person on planet Earth. The photo, as one can clearly see, turned out to be one which had captured more than just what I had been seeing through the viewer of my digital camera. I was alone on this day – eerily alone, so I had thought. The most frightening thing about this particular photo is that I had snapped at least 30-some other photos at this same angle, none of which have the dark, lumbering figure (and bizarre, emitting colors) in the bottom right-hand corner. I can't explain why this shape (which looks a lot to me like the shoulder of a man wearing a dark coat) showed up in just one split moment of this photo shoot. I just know that in my many years as a photographer, I've never encountered anything as strange as this.

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