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Mayan Mystery Phantom

Description: From Clint Mason, Campbell River British Columbia
Here is a very cool picture I took at Chechen Itza of the Great Pyramid at that location. We were standing on the north side where the "stone snakes" come down: twice a year on the solstices, people gather to watch the shadow "snake" slither from the top to the bottom of the stairs. And if you stand on that side and clap your hands, you can hear this very strange, high-pitched, bird-like "ping," almost like a bullet ricochet or a bird chirp that is on fast-forward.
I was taking pictures while my family was clapping and I caught this. This is untouched and I had about 200 pictures on this camera, and this was the only one to show this form. I also checked five other cameras that my family had. Some took pictures at or very near the same time and we were standing side by side but do not show this form.
Zoom in to this picture and you can see a figure quite clearly. It looks very similar to many of the Mayan gods drawn and carved in stone. I don't know what it is. I have never seen anything before or since on that camera that makes me think it is a technical "issue" with the camera. If it is a reflection, it sure is funny; it looks like it is running on the ledge of the pyramid.

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