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Old Man in a TV Set

Description: Becky writes, "It has been a long time since I submitted anything and I am doing so now because I need feedback. So please feel free to put my photo up on the photo page. Now this photo was of a little guy I baby-sit dancing in the room with his homemade hat. In fact (and I know I have cut that part out but felt I had to because of the child) the child is to the right of the TV---to the left if you are looking at the photo dead on. Look at the television screen. There is a man--full face, in a suit and tie--VERY UP CLOSE to the screen staring out as if he was trying to watch this little boy. OK now what was on the television at that time---I went through my other photos and I had taken them pretty much one right after the other and it was showing in one photo at greater distance (not up close and personal like this man) a court scene. I was watching a court TV show. If you notice surrounding this man there is nothing. No background if it was a commercial---just white. Look at the angle this man is in. It is like he is coming from stage right or left however you feel----from the side. It really boggled me because he was just so IN the SCREEN. No one else around, no background and he looks like he is watching. I have never gotten a photo like this maybe because I am a bad ghost hunter and have never really looked before. My house is haunted (nothing major) by an elderly man that smokes cigars and pipes. SO what do YOU all think? Am I crazy??? (oh and I tried turning the photo on its side and I swear it looks like the man is in his coffin)"

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