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As a present we give you a brand new Audio category! You can now listen to only 3 EVPs but it's going to be updated soon. We hope you're happy. Happy Halloween everyone!

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One day before Halloween I decided to post 8 more ghost photos, exclusively from Boothill Cemetery in Arizona (TombstoneArizona.com). You will be seeing a big update tomorrow. So don't forget to check it out!

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Hello Everyone. Halloween is coming soon so I decided to post some ghost photos. I posted 24 photos of ghosts and unexplained apparitions. As a result the gallery now contains 780 photos! And I guess that's really something. Also I have some news to you; not only Halloween is coming but The Shadow Project is celebrating 1 year birthday at 28th of November. Anyway we have some surprises to you, that we will present you at Halloween. None of them are revealed for now. See you all later.

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What happens after you die? That is the question of the life. The Articles & Stories section has been recently update with a new story - "Last Goodbyes from Beyond" written by Stephen Wagner from paranormal.about.com. I believe you will find this story interesting.
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Hello everyone. This time I updated the old menu icons with new ones and did some minor changes. I think the icons will look much better. The Guestbook is temporarily closed so you can't write feedback (yet). We had some problems with some of our users. Due to that I had to block some IP's. So if you have problems accessing the website please contact us (in the Contacts section). Regards.

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Hello again! This time I posted 5 more ghost photos and a story about "The Moving Coffins" in Barbados. Soon, I'll post more articles and some videos. Good to see all of you here.
Ghost Photos
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As result of the UFO History completion, I added 10 more fresh new photos of UFO's. The Photo Gallery now consists of 751 pictures.

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UFO - Year 2008UFO History posting completed! As a result you can now find 474 photos of UFO's taken from all over the world. This Monday, I updated the Photo Gallery with fresh 10 photos of UFO's from many countries (mainly USA) taken in the present 2008 year. From this day forward you will get the newest photos from the present. I hope that 741 photos are something that you can spend hours looking at. So I will concentrate more on the spiritual and unnatural part of the world, with all the ghosts and ghouls and shadows and other entities. In conclusion I would like to say that 700+ photos should convince you and change your beliefs. Good luck to all and don't forget to watch the Olympic Games in Beijing!
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This time I finished updating "The UFO History: Year 2007". And that's nearly the end with it. I posted 21 more UFO photos making the total number of photos 731. Good summer to everyone!
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I would like to say that the photo gallery had a little tweak. I'd really like to reorganize the whole photos because there are little inaccuracy with the categories. But for now it is not really necessary.
P.S. If you like Sci-Fi, I would recommend to see the X-Files: I Want to Believe (the second movie). It's going in to the world premiere on 25th July. For more info visit www.xfiles.com
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