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Apart from the huge performance and design updates I posted new photos. You can now see 27 new Unexplained and Ghosts photos (including 1 UFO, 1 Alien Rods photo). Total photos 470. If I had time, I would organize the gallery categories (this should be done).
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The whole website design was updated. Now it has the transparent design. Also a new category was created it's called "The Movie". You can see the latest updates, history and plans for The Shadow Movie. And again this is just a beta update so if you see a glitch or a bug go to the Contact Us section and write the problem name and description. If you need to contact me quickly, my email is in the Contact Us page. I hope you like the design because I worked very hard to make it look good.
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The Shadow is now accesible via these adresses:
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More ghost photos. 28 more to be exact. Of course that includes some ITC photos, The Unexplained and 1 of each (UFO and Alien Rods). Total gallery photos 443.
Devil in the Flames
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The more acute visitors will see that we made some minor changes. This week we present some new domains that are coming so pick the one that you like best!
The Shadow is now accessible via these addresses: 
theshadow.ucoz.com (Original)
shadow.404.lt (preferred by Lithuanian Users)
shadow.1s.fr (preferred by French Users)
shadow.eur.st (for everyone)
www.theshadow.at.gg (for everyone)
the-shadow.co.cc (Coming Soon)
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The Shadow Winamp Skin "For the Truly Addicted". Winamp is popular so I decided to create a skin on Winamp. It will work on Winamp3x and later. Next I made a UserBar with The Shadow logo saying "The Shadow Addict". It will perfectly fit on your forum signature or blog. Download under the image.
Winamp Skin 
The Shadow Winamp Skin
<--- The Shadow UserBar
<--- HTML Code
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This week we update the Ghost photo gallery instead of UFO. We bring 18 new photos. The gallery has total of 415 of photos.
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I guess the UFO photos are getting a little borring, so I decided to post some ghost photos to make the gallery more interesting. So in a snatch we'll bring the new photos.
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This is yet experimental but The Shadow will have a translation to Lithuanian language. Attention! This is not a website translation, it's done using another translation website. The translation is unstable and inaccurate but clear enough to understand the context.
Lithuanian Translation (Inaccurate)  Inaccurate Lithuanian translation by VDU
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Website's video section has been slightly updated. Videos are divided in categories and the whole section looks nicer. I hope that this will make you browse the website easier and more organized. Check it right now! Link below or choose it from the menu.
Video Section Update
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