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Salton Sea Ghost Part 1

Description: From Rita Swidt
I am sending a photo I took at the Salton Sea near Indio, California in 1962. I was using a Brownie camera. My husband and I were with my parents on the harbor master's boat. This was photo 15 of the 20. All others were normal. Dad told me many people have drowned in the Sea. Dad trained pilots for W W II out there. Some crashed into the sea in trainers and were never recovered. The ghost is in a terrible hurry to leave the Sea. If you look closely, fingers on the hand are visible. I understand there have been other strange things have been reported at the ancient Salton Sea in the desert. I was told the sea is near the St. Andres Earthquake Fault Line, and at one area of the Sea, there is bubbling hot water coming up out of the ground making huge hot mud areas.

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